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The engine control units (ECU/FADEC), “how they feel” and how to use during flight, dynamic reflections/shine in Prepar3D V4.3!
Was a beta tester at Real Air Simulations for many years, now testing for Vertx. This video shows the actual, very late and very complete beta version. Please like and suscribe!

I had the idea to produce this video for the community to make the waiting a bit more bearable.
In online communities I am also known as “rudi0310”.

This video reflects my personal view only. Although permitted and encouraged by Vertx, they did not try to influence this video in any way. Subject to change without notice, visit the Vertx website vertxsim.com, which will go online soon!

Hardware: Watercooled gaming notebook GE72VR
Sceneries: ORBX LOWi, Open LC South America, Open LC Mesh South America
Weather, sometimes live, sometimes self defined: Active Sky
Clouds: Rex Sky Force
Prepar3D V4.3

If you take over parts of this video, name me in your video and put a link to this video into your description.

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