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Part one of flying the DA42 from London Wycombe to Helsinki International via a jet fuel stop at Billund Airport. Departing Wycombe before opening hours, including getting clearance over the phone from London Terminal Control. Cruising near the maximum certified altitude in the DA42 (Flight Level 170), then an ILS to near minimums at Billund Airport.

Video include set up and using the Garmin G1000 NXI, with also use of the weather radar and Garmin Connext Satellite Weather (really handy for long range weather and wind planning).

Use of Foreflight to aid flight planning and for Jeppesen Charts.

Cameras used in this video

GoPro Max
GoPro Hero 9 Back (With Media Mod)
GoPro Hero 8 Black
GoPro Session 5

All GoPro suction mounts inside
External is a Flightflix tie down wing mount

Nflightcam audio cable for ATC Audio in the GoPro Hero 9


0:00 – Intro
01:04 – ATC Joining Clearance
02:00 – Route
04:27 – Power Check
06:40 – Takeoff
09:56 – Cloud Break
14:00 – Oxygen On
17:40 – IFR Cruise
21:37 – Shortcut Route
22:50 – Satellite Weather Planning
26:37 – Long Route Again
28:42 – Approach Setup and Brief
38:50 – Initial Approach
42:09 – Final Approach
46:14 – Landing

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