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Completed six approaches and three night landings to fulfill the requirements for IFR currency and night landings. Took off from Charleston International Airport on RWY 33. Once in the air and enroute to Summerville
Airport, their was a noise hitting the side of the airplane. First approach was an RNAV GPS RWY 6 approach to a full stop. After landing in Summerville, it was discover that a nylon strap was sticking out of the rear door. The next approach was a RNAV GPS RWY 24 into Summerville (KDYB) low approach after one circuit into a holding pattern. Then we flew to Berkely County Airport (KMKS) for two low approaches and to Lowcountry Regional (KRBW) for an ILS approach to RWY 23 to a full stop. After taking off from KRBW flew direct to KCHS and was radar victor to RNAV GPS RWY 3 approach landing to a full stop.

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