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This is a video of my first flight into Mackinac Island (KMCD). We departed from Pontiac airport (KPTK) and stopped at Wurtsmith (KOSC) on the way for fuel and food. During planning for the trip we noticed the entire state was VFR except for Mackinac which was covered in a heavy fog. The TAF showed it letting up in time for an early afternoon arrival but we still had alternate airports identified just in case.

The trip was a fantastic experience and really opened my eyes to the importance of proper flight planning, crew resource management, and how much fun general aviation can be. Not all portions of the flight are caught on film but I did try to add some background information on the flight and our destinations along the way.

For other video adventures to Mackinac, here are links to a couple of my favorites. The channel links are also provided below.

Matt Guthmiller

310 Pilot (ATC / Pilot)


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