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In todays video were going to be talking about the TBM 940
The TBM family of aircraft is a high performance single-engine turboprop light business and utility aircraft developed by the American Mooney Airplane Company in collaboration with the French light aircraft manufacturer SOCATA.
On the TBMs Official page on their website this is how they describe the aircraft
Unrivaled performance
When Power, Efficiency and Superior Design exceed your expectations

The TBM 940 offers the ultimate developments in avionics and comfort for a general aviation
aircraft. As an evolution of the TBM 900 and of the TBM 930, the TBM 940 retains the
airframe commonality with its predecessors while opening a new era by offering an enhanced
human-machine interface environment for pilots and providing more comfort to its passengers
a perfect match with the TBM very fast turboprop aircraft’s legendary superior performance.

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