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Aviana Aircraft heads out to Florida to ceramic coat this brand new @Daher TBM 940. Although the aircraft is brand new, I demonstrate in this video that even new aircraft with no visible paint issues, can still be made glossier through proper paint correction. After removing some minor paint swirls and scratches, we get the gloss dialed in and seal the paint with a ceramic coating. The ceramic coating will make subsequent washing much easier, while protecting the paint from the harsh PT-6 exhaust.

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Disclaimer talk:
These videos are not made to teach you how to detail an aircraft, and often, I don’t show all of the steps involved in the process. I’d be happy to answer any questions, but cannot assume any liability for attempts at detailing. Aviana is not responsible for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. Use this information at your own risk.

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