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Hey guys welcome to a brand new video. Today we will be taking a look at a aircraft that is striving to be the personal jet of choice! The Flaris LAR01! When I first saw the aircraft it definitely reminded me of the Cirrus Vision Jet and sure is similar in size. So, I decided to look behind the looks of the aircraft and see what it offers!

FLARIS LAR 1 is a single-engine jet aircraft with a very lightweight, composite construction originating in Poland. It creates a new category of small, lightweight jets, ideal for quick movement for any purpose. The jet is powered by a single Williams International FJ33-5A engine with with an engine control unit computer that allows the reduction of fuel consumption to be significant. Also this just happens to be the same engine that powers the Cirrus Vision Jet. The aircraft has 5 seats for 1 pilot and 4 passengers. The pilot of this aircraft has an awesome office the flight deck features the Garmin G600 TXI Avionics System and FFAS interactive onboard computer. The price of the aircraft is will be approximately € 2 million Euros or about 2,350,000 US Dollars and they plan to start taking pre-orders in 2021. They also add that by that time they would have chosen the payment scheme. The first deliveries for the aircraft listed as experimental or special are planned for late 2020 which means that some restrictions will apply depending on the country of registration. In 2024 they plan to deliver the EASA CS 23 Certified manufactured aircraft. This jet claims to be the fastest personal jet and we are going to be jumping right in to find out if that’s the truth! Lets take a look at the listed speeds of this aircraft

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