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Join me during delivery of the new 2018 Cirrus SR22T G6 from Cirrus Aircraft Vision Center. This is the first time we will all see together my new airplane.

I also want you to help me name her. On the comments below please suggest a name that fits who she is. The previous Cirrus was Miss Grace. Some people suggested “Nike” for this new one after the Greek Goddess of Victory. But I think you can all be more creative than myself when it comes to a name that will describe her mission. Fly higher, faster, smoother!

Hope to see you all online at around 10:15am Eastern Time on Thursday the 27th.

I am NOT a Certified Flight Instructor and my videos are not for instruction purposes. The video is intended for my own personal experiences and for entertainment purposes only. Do not use my video content as information about how to fly an airplane. To properly learn how to fly you MUST visit your local flight school and work with an experienced Certified Flight Instructor.

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