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At EAA Airventure, I had the opportunity to checkout the Cirrus SF50 vision jet in person. First impressions; great workmanship here. Given that this jet took years to develop and it finally made it through certification.

The Cirrus vision jet stand alone in it’s own class because truly there is no other single engine light jet in the world like the Cirrus Jet. It is the only single engine very light jet currently certified. The cirrus jet like any other cirrus aircraft, comes standard with a ballistic parachute and it comes equipped with it’s own unique glass cockpit by Garmin; Cirrus perspective touch.

Cirrus jet will cruise at speeds up to 345 mph and you can travel over 1000 miles depending on how much load you have onboard. Speaking of loads, the useful load on the cirrus jet is 2,499 lbs. With full fuel, that goes down to 498 lbs. Still pretty good, given that this jet can carry up to seven people. The interior space can be configured base don the owners preference, but an extra row of seats is available if needed.

Now there are other light jets in the works, namely the Flaris and the Stratos jet. But only time will tell when these airplanes become a reality. Right now it’s all Cirrus.

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