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No better way to do an IFR intro flight but in a Cirrus SR22 G3. We departed IFR in VMC conditions for a training flight to Pilansberg to shoot the offset VOR approach. We did a parallel entry into the hold and flew the plane on autopilot all the way down to minimums before disengaging and flying the rest of the approach by hand.

I have decided that I will be working toward my instrument rating during the course of 2021 and would to share the experience on this channel. Let me know if you would be interested in this.

Instrument flying is definitely a busy way to aviate but I can see how it is so much safer when trying to get to another destination. The instrument rating is also a very good thing to have for any slip up you may have when flying VFR.

Huge thank you to Travis Van Staden for working the camera like the master he is!

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