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Cirrus CSIP instructor of the Year Ed Watters shares all kinds of great Cirrus SR22 Perspective + avionics tips with me on a recent flight to Monterrey CA. If you are a fan of Cirrus airplanes you are going to love this video.


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  • Another great video – nice to see your channel growing (well deserved!) Ed seems like a great instructor and awesome resource for knowledge.

  • Some great G6 tips… I am still learning lots of tricks on this panel. There are so many options that it becomes a bit of an art how to use it best for you!

    • I'm planning a long x-ctry flight in a couple of weeks. I'll try to take the plane up a bit higher for you and demonstrate the oxygen system. Don't think I'll get to 25K though. Maybe…

  • A lot to learn and very powerful stuff once proficient. Always enjoy the simplicity of your videos. Pleasure to watch.

    • CNC_ MD The audio is recorded on a Virb camera connected by Bluetooth to audio panel. There’s a video on my YouTube channel page that shows the whole camera setup. Check it out. Cheers-Ren

  • Steve, thanks for this video. Always enjoy these.
    Thought you might be interested to know I passed my IFR written a few days ago…98%! Now, just need to finish the training and the checkride.

    Btw, loving all the Incubus stuff behind you. One of my favorite bands growing up. What a great job you had/have!

    • @Steve Rennie I sure hope so! I've heard it can be challenging too, especially depending on who your DPE is…

    • I love that you picked up on that one! When it all goes wrong trust your eyes, your hands, and your feet. It's why I loved having Ed as an instructor!

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