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This is the greatest Cirrus video of all time. It might be the greatest video of all time.


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  • You know, the noodle is brilliant. Not sure I was supposed to pick anything useful up from this… 😉

  • I'm the kind of person that imagines the airplane is a person. I can just imagine the Grumman standing there staring at her new owner with a disappointed look in her eyes.

    • Just Plane Silly thanks man. Serious question though. Do the Grumman's brakes also work in the sky? Seems like really advanced technology for an airplane that old.

    • Just Plane Silly haha. Btw If you're wondering how I imagine the cirrus. She's the motherly type that loves pampering her man child owner. She just smiles and pats you on the head saying "Ahh it's cute how he thinks he pilots. Don't worry sweetie just remember to rotate and flare and mommy will take care of the rest.

    • Just Plane Silly oh wait I just realized it's like that mother that's pushing the race car shopping cart while her kid makes vroom noises and pretends to drive

  • Maybe NOW you finally understand why I drink so much whiskey. These real planes can be a bit nerve-racking to fly.

  • going to contact my daughter to buy the compleat airplane essential oils kit. I anticipate prop oils, cowling oils and especially wheel pant/shoe/spats oils. This is gonna be awesome!

  • 'bout time you found the 'proper' airplane. Congrats!

    There are two kinds of planes, the one's that pilots actually fly, and the one's pilots just tag along on, until they pull the chute and give up on flying.

    • Howard Pierce I am an idiot. I sat the coffee in my chair while I pre flighted. 
      Then I towed the plane from the hangar and it spilled. 

      The coffee spill is why the video exists. 
      I saw the spill and said "Self… you don't get away with that one, get your camera"

    • Not as bad as some stupid things I've done. Like leaving the plugs in the cowl and flying around until I broke the alternator belt. That cost a few hundred bucks.

    • This explanation for the coffee spill makes the video complete – best one yet. I was imagining one pissed off friend when he learned you poured coffee in his plane to make a better video. Sure is a good thing the plane has two ashtrays and zero cupholders!

    • Hmmm… no beer/cupholder… 2 ashtrays and a canopy you can open to let the smoke, I mean heat out.

      Did you buy this from Cheech or Chong?

  • I'm training in a Grumman. I just use my CFI as a cup holder. But he's always screaming when I do a barrel roll. I assume it's because of all the hot coffee.

  • As a Grumman owner this was hilarious! Don't underestimate the Grumman though – Shot an approach to mins yesterday and the plane still runs (https://youtu.be/JLc5ycq5wy0) – But I did rub it a lot first to make sure it would fly in the clouds 🙂

  • Baffling on grummans are critical to keeping the temps down. I really didn't get a good look on the video but you can check out the Grumman YouTube channel they have about a hundred 5 minute videos on just about everything, these guys are the experts and have a baffling video. If you have double honeycomb on the top cowl slits need to be there, the starter and back of the engine need sealing, etc. Some people complain they can't keep temps down on a Grumman, that's BS. On a 100* day I can keep my tiger below 380 on all cylinders in climb.

    • Shoot me an email and I will send you some detailed photos. I am not 100% sure what is not correct on mine as it is new to me. I will also go look for the videos you mentioned.

      my email: BryanWithaY at worldsgreatestpilot dot com

  • My wife says if I buy a plane I'll end up giving up all my other hobbies and hanging out in the hangar all the time, living airplane poor, making silly videos on youtube about a airplane I cannot afford to put gas in…. How is it working out for you so far?? 😉

    • Chris W – "my wife says" bla blah. You sir, are no man, ye are but a little, shivering, simpering, hen-pecked, emasculated…oh, wait. No, she's right. Huh, so, um, ok then, what was I saying? Honey?

  • Over-built, unnecessarily complicated, machines that are clunky and weird. Like helicopters. Lol. I’m dying.

  • HILARIOUS! But a few suggestions…First, I would read a different selection to my plane. It would start out "It was a dark and stormy night…" Secondly, the purpose of opening the canopy and putting out your hand in the airstream isn't just to cool off your hand, it's actually a redundant angle of attack indicator. Tilt your hand up and it it pushes your hand up, you know you are climbing and your angle of attack is good. It's also a vertical speed indicator. The harder it pushes your hand up or down indicates your vertical speed.

  • crap. I thought I was gonna be the first to be make the "ordered a plane on amazon prime while drunken"

  • Hey Mr Brian With A Why, does you do or does you don't know Katie With A Why? She's also from TX.
    Y'know: Remember the, uhm, ahh, remember the…Hertz?
    Nah. The Budget?
    Dern it, I can't memember that TX thing that Davey guy said to…!

  • "It's also really good to have this here in case you wanna throw something out the window, like uh… Water balloons or, cocaine"~ I'm dying

  • I bought an experimental Aeronca Champ while really barred out and managed to get a Canadian experimental plate for it. Somehow converted it to turboprop, fuel bill went thru the roof. Now I have metabolic syndrome and 60 hours flying all with a BAC of .12 (from beer), don't remember a single second of it, but apparently I fly really well… and I'm still not a licensed pilot.

  • Actually, I’m days away from my PPL checkride, I’ll try this preflight on my DPE, — I’ll fail, but just to see his face will be all worth it…, actually, if he has some decency, he should pass me after this,… I’m laughing my brain out…, ok, back to study…, but the temptation will be huge, esp. scooping the fuel out, and stick a balloon to the vertical stabilizer…, I’m dying….

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