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Join me as I fly a brand new (green!) SR22T G6 fully automated on the LINDZ9 standard instrument departure from the challenging Aspen Airport (KASE) in Colorado. I also share a news update about my new job! Enjoy!




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    • @david cook In the Cirrus, the automation starts the second you upload your flight plan from your tablet into the panel using FlightStream. And is also evident when advancing the throttle since the constant speed prop control is connected to the throttle. You can also view the automation when safe-taxi comes up showing you the airport and the hotspots. This Cirrus has crew management built-in and checklists are also built-in to the MFD…all before taxi.

  • Honestly? I don't like not even a bit, this kind of aviation, IPads, full automation. This is not aviation. This is a hobby for pussies.

  • It is amazing how gen aviation has caught up and surpassed autopilot capabilities of airliners. We didn't have such detail on the dep. procedure…or a sidestick.

  • Congratulations, I wish you well. I have just watched @Cirrusmax take his SF50 out of KASE, but he departed off to the west.

  • I have a friend, a really good pilot, not make the grade recently as a 121 new hire because of the automation procedures that he had to try and learn. This is a guy you would want to have up front if all the bells and whistled failed, but that was not the 121 carrier's interest. They wanted guys with the hours who could fly the automation, and flying the airplane was not the main consideration it was just a few years ago. True story.

    What is in planes today is a far cry from the autopilot in the 35's and 55's I flew. It will become a struggle for pilots to keep up with their hand flying skills from now on. It reminds me of a joke I heard in the 1990's, which seemed absurd at the time. It might have been one of Rod's stories..I'm not sure. It went like this: Lufthansa had installed new cockpit automation, and as a result, they were eliminating the FO job and replacing the man with a German Shepherd dog. It was the pilot's job to feed the dog, and it was the dog's job to bite the pilot if he touched anything. Today, that seems less and less absurd.

    • Interesting you posted this as I had a discussion with a pilot a couple of days ago (he flys for a major carrier). We were talking about automation and how far things have come even in the last 5 years. I don't know if all the automation is a good thing, or a bad one. It's bad because pilots like the one you mentioned struggle to learn all of the new systems but have flown for many, many years. It's good because automation leads to less stress on pilots and the systems are extremely reliable nowadays. Still, there's just a level of comfort knowing that your pilot can hand fly the entire flight if it came to that.

    • Art Houston You have a valid point, which is why we teach pilots flying the Cirrus how to hand fly if all the electronics fail.

    • @Art Houston The equipment is not there for looks…it is there to make flights safer. And it does. Your friend needed to be able to use the tools in the plane…no different than being able to use the yoke and six-pack. A pilot conversant with glass is no different than one conversant with round gauges. One not better or worse than the other.

    • ​@Sooner Keith The argument 'automation is bad because it can fail' applies to manual flying too. The Cirrus has redundant systems similar to the Boeings. Really there are three levels of redundancy if you count the backup panel independent of the PFD and MFD. An autopilot, especially one as sophisticated as the GFC700 is fantastic…but there is only one of them in the plane so hand-flying is obviously a skill that is required of all pilots, even ones in highly sophisticated planes like the one flown in this video. But the tools on the panel allow single pilot flights at a much higher and safer level. Again, an 'old timer' who uses round gauges is not better or worse than a pilot trained to use glass. Both must fly takeoffs and landings by hand, both must pass the same checkrides demonstrating hand-flying skills as well as skills using the automation. The idea that just because automation is there precludes skill in hand-flying is bogus.

  • @ Colin preener : Hi, I noticed you are wearing the light speed tango headset. My question to you is that : have you used a boss A20 before? If so, how is it compared to the tango? I’m trying to decide between which one to get. This would be my first ANR headset. I will really appreciate your input . Also, anyone who’s reading this post and have had both headset, your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks y’all.

    • Fufu Pilot I have used both. I prefer light speed because it fits my head better than Bose. Sound quality between the two are different, no complaints about the tango, but obviously Bose is the leader in that. Wireless feature works very well no issues.

    • Colin Prenger Thank you very much sir. I really appreciate you. Most youtuber such as steveo1kinevo, flight chops, aviation101 wont reply when you ask them through their YouTube comment section. I was very happy to see your reply. This is what this community (the general aviation) should be about. I have couple of my friends who work for Skywest but they are now based in Atlanta. I planned to work for Skywest after my training by the grace of God. Hope to see you there. Good luck and God bless. Again, thank you very much for your inputs.

  • Thank You Colin. We're sure gonna miss these videos. But a man's gotta do whatta man's gotta do. Happy Training. And yes, do your best to hang on this wonderful job that you love doing! Happy New Year!

  • Hi friend, I loved video! can you pass me what are the video settings you use on your gopro? what better resolution frame rate etc.

  • Congrats on the new job Colin! You do a great job with your content & I definitely enjoy it. Best of luck with your new endeavor!

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