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I took my family on a cross country flight from New York (KFRG) to Florida (KMLB) to visit friends and family. For the first leg, we stopped at Myrtle Beach (KMYR) to have lunch and to fuel up. During our second leg, we dodged a few thunderstorm clouds and we got permission to do a low pass over NASA’s Space Shuttle Landing Facility (KTTS) before landing at Melbourne International Airport. With its creature comfort like Autopilot and Air Conditioning, the Cirrus SR22 GTS flew beautifully and made the 6.5 hours trip easy peasy.

Since I’m still a relatively low time pilot and I have my family aboard, I asked my CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) Nick to come long. It was a great decision and good learning experience.

So please hop aboard and join my family on this epic trip.

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