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Today I got the amazing opportunity to fly a newly purchased Cirrus SR22 with Mr. Ed, a first time airplane owner with 10,000+ hour corporate jet time. This flight started in Denton, Texas, just northwest of Dallas, but well inside the Bravo airspace of DFW. KRYY is McCollum Airport, slightly northwest of Atlanta Hartsfield (the biggest airport in the world). We departed from one Bravo airspace, and landed in another Bravo airspace halfway across the country. Ed let me try to fly most of the flight, which was awesome!! So, first time in a Bravo, the busiest Bravos in the world, first time flying a Cirrus, first time flying with Ed, first time flying out of state, this video has a lot of firsts for me. This was by far the coolest flight I’ve ever done! I really hope you enjoy!

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GoPro Hero5
Crosstour HD recorder
Suctions cup mounts

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