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On this video you will experience being my co-pilot, you have full control of the experience, you choose what to look at and which direction to look, exactly as if you were sitting right next to me in the beautiful new Cirrus SR22T G6.

In this short flight we will fly Instrument Flight Rules from Stuart to Boca Raton with the Presidential TFR in full effect.

For the full experience view this in the YouTube app on your mobile phone or tablet and use your finger to pan around or just pan or tilt your device to look around in any direction. You may also view in your PC or Mac using the mouse to drag and pan around as well as zoom in and out.

For the ultimate fully immersive experience use your favorite VR goggles.


I am NOT a Certified Flight Instructor and my videos are not for instruction purposes. The video is intended for my own personal experiences and for entertainment purposes only. Do not use my video content as information about how to fly an airplane. To properly learn how to fly you MUST visit your local flight school and work with an experienced Certified Flight Instructor.

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  • Niko, 360 footage is awesome, but sorry to say, video quality just isn’t there. It’s a bit fuzzy. As always, the content is fantastic!

  • The camera did great with the blazing sun in front of you and beside you – on other YouTuber's channels, the 360° camera completely washed out everything past the cockpit glass, but on yours, it really wasn't that bad at all. You must have a real good camera!Great flight, Niko! Nice being able to virtually ride right seat with you. 👍👍

  • LOVE the 360° View Niko!! Can't wait to get this in the air AND on my waterfall property in Costa Rica. Please (anyone) share a link to the camera & technology (might be in a past vid desc.?), much appreciated. BLUE SKIES!!

  • That’s you are greek we all have big hearts I am in Chicago why do you not use the 360 for all your videos really enjoy it be safe

  • I’m really liking the ability to control what I see. Love the 360. When can I borrow the camera for my videos?

  • NIce cool video when you know how to pan the 360 deg camera…learning curve from last video..lol
    KBCT is a nice airport near the beach. I have landed there only once at night and was difficult to spot with the sea of lights in the piper.
    Any chance for a night landing with the 360 at BCT?
    Thanks for the great videos…. p.s. thanks for lowering the sun visor…always looking out for us…

  • QUESTION…..I noticed that your "right" joystick doesn't move in exact unison with your "left" (pilot) joystick. Is this something that's prevalent with Cirrus Aircraft control designs?

    • The movement on both is identical since they are hard linked together. Probably the camera angle is what makes you think it doesn’t.

  • 360 is the way to go….I can’t zoom for some reason…I’ve flown in quite a few single engine aircraft, your aircraft is amazing. Next time you fly up to Nashville… look up a small airport in Murfreesboro..MBT….great members, lots of awesome aircraft…Thanks

  • Nice work. can it be possible in future movies to zoom in? So we can see more details of your instruments, nav setup, … lovely aircraft. Keep up the good work.

  • Get rid of the 360 camera please. I kiss the old regular videos. The 360 is hard and blurry I feel like

  • @nikowings you have inspired me to make the leap to get my private pilot License your videos are amazing if you are ever in the Ft Myers FL area love to meet you God Speed sir.

  • Niko, I cannot tell you what a pleasure it was to meet you at Sun n' Fun. As a new pilot to the #CirrusLife I learned a great deal from your video's, in particular the Avidyne procedures. I am about to start Embark Training in a week and cannot wait! As promised, I credited you in my Episode #4 for your contribution at Sun n' Fun in the Cirrus trailer. Thanks for taking the time and maybe we can get together at some point as I am down in Pompano quite often! Lunch is on me!
    I am considerably more clumsy in the cockpit than you are as you will find obvious by the Episodes, but I am beginning to create "flows" that are becoming 2nd nature! I will be "owning" this Avidyne soon and I'm already wondering how long before I go for the SR22 upgrade! You can link back to my channel where I have credited you for Episode #4. I would be honored if you Liked and Subscribed!

  • Your channel is a huge inspiration on getting my PPL, hopefully in 5 years purchasing similar to yours!

  • Loved the flight Niko! It's fun to pan around with the 360 camera. I can almost smell that new airplane smell. 🙂

  • Thanks for the ride Niko😀👍🏼
    Can I take control of the plane next time 😉🤷🏻‍♂️

  • The quality is awesome with this 360 technology. I imagine it’s much easier for you, having less cameras in the cockpit. What camera are you using by the way? Looking forward to your next broadcast. Hope you and your family are well my friend.

    • It’s a GoPro Fusion. It takes a long time to render but much easier to produce since there is no multicam to sync

  • The more I see of your new aircraft the more I like it. Like the 360 but I would like to see more of what you are seeing out of the front, this would mean the camera being higher. Can you explain what all the switches are in front of you from left to right sometime, these switches on the Cirrus is very prominent and I see you turning them on and off, but I have no idea what they do.
    I like the 360 n as much as I can watch you flying and adjusting things or just look out the window. Nice work, but if the camera was a bit higher to see out the front of the plane it would be great.  Nice one Niko, love it.

    • Those are the circuit breakers for most of the plane's electrical system. Each one powers one system on the plane.

  • What a great use of VR technology! When you put the visor down I literally said thank you. You had me talking to my computer screen. LOL

  • Great Video ! Such an amazing view ! It’s like flying right alongside you WOW
    What camera do you use for 360 HD ? What about on the wing, aren’t you afraid of wind taking it off ?

    • Thanks Yann, it’s a GoPro Fusion. The wing mount is a FlightFlix surface mount. Almost impossible to rip off…

    • @Niko's Wings Thank you so much for your answer. I'll probably buy one ! Almost ready for my first SOLO on Cirrus 🙂
      Do you know anything about ND filter (neutral density) ? Do you use one on your GoPro ?

  • I liked that time-lapse thing you did before takeoff way better than when you cut from one clip to another. It would be cool if you did more of that.

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