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Cirrus SR22T Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating

It took me a three-hour drive to finally get my hands on this charming silver version of a Cirrus SR22 Turbo in Renton, WA. It’s got lots of oil, lead exhaust, and challenging areas. I share my cleaning strategy in this video, mainly for the underside that is harder to clean.

Top points you will discover:

✔️ A Cirrus Turbo always ends up getting dirtier. A turbocharged engine crams much more air into that engine to burn more fuel, produce more power, and go faster. The result is fuel flow and more exhaust coming out.

✔️ Use foam cleanser instead of spray that ends up everywhere except where you need it. The cool thing with using a foam cleanser is that you only need a light application that’s spot on and only needs light wiping to facilitate cleaning action.

✔️ It’s not magic, but science! With a bit of spread of this solution, you can see how layers of the lead deposit are coming right off. Easy-peasy!

✔️ TKS fluid dripping down is cleaned last. The tendency is it gets warm, and the liquid expands and drips out again.

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Disclaimer talk:
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