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We meet Doug and his beautifully restored Cessna 340. an all glass panel and the modified flaps which give the 340 fantastic short and soft field capabilities.

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  • Amazing A/C. I wouldn’t talk about ASD off 2300 turf with this airplane. Just doesn’t exist does it? I believe the revised practice for boots is to use early and often.

    • what is ASD? There is a lot of discussion now on whether or not "ice bridging" is really a thing or not. I have no personal knowledge either way.

    • Accelerate stop distance, aka balanced field length and take off field length are relevant to multi engine aircraft take off performance and safety. See AC 91-74B for everything you wanted to know about FIKI. Like so many things we have been told or taught in flying are base on myth, so is the ice bridging. If you see ice get rid of it. Pneumatic boots are among the least effective equipment at deicing so work them hard.

    • Lew, sorry, had a brain fart. ASD is 1,850’ on this plane for pavement. But reality is probably far different from that. We just don’t encounter much ice in our part of the world. I’ve used the boots maybe 3-4 times. I’m not FiKI even though I have everything except the inboard boots. I agree bridging is probably a myth.

  • Cant do anything like this in Massachusetts.
    What state should i move to that has a thriving aviation culture in it?

  • This was probably one of the coolest videos to date, that Pilot Rocks. Love your new channel Bobby.

  • If u can afford that airplane you can afford a longer strip, good vid but I would be wary of this commercial style aircraft and skills needed for a real emergency.

  • WOW!!!! Now that is how you restore an airplane!!! The interior, exterior and panel are beyond exceptional!!! Love his cando, great guy! Great vid… AGAIN!!!

  • I have A 1975 twin Cessna 340 model A. My mechanic says never fly Lean of peak because turbo charged it will ruin the engine. How can I get a hold of Doug to ask him the settings he uses to get Lean of peak on his 340. My name is Doug Keeler contact me at [email protected]gotosmbo.com

  • Have you ever had the chance to fly the Fairchild / Merlin 3 ? We use to have one at the FBO I used to work for in NY Metro area ..

  • Doug is living the dream! How generous of him to use his time, talent, and beautiful aircraft, for a great cause by helping people.

  • Gorgeous 340, always one of my favorite Cessnas. God bless Doug for doing so much to help others in need, the world is a better place because of people like him.

  • 15:29 It's nice with modern engine monitoring systems it's much easier to see trends pilot yeah that number two cylinder always runs hot 🤯 Ok I have enough footage just remembered a dentist appointment I have today

  • Now if only I had someone to stand over my head catch it then translate what being said but my man and I do believe non rehearsed for days he from wing tip to the other tip,nose to tail top to gears up or resting down 24/7 every inch in Detail he got you.fair warning one question begins your lecture from start A to Z non stop he knows more than what he's talking about I was lose when his mouth open hell everybody in the air flying Im on the ground wondering was he talking to me.Tell me he doesn't love it.

  • My Dad had a 320 he would fly in and out of his 1200' grass strip (minimal load). I always thought is was a bit hairball to do that. But what do you tell a guy with 27,000 hrs?

  • Good video. You should really post the links to all these charities he is part of in your description.

  • I owned a beautiful Cessna 421, wish I would have had the 340 instead. I've flown a C-55 Baron for 25 years loved it. $21 flew lie a truck never did like it. 340 much more like Baron but more comfortable.

  • Боже, какой красивый самолёт! В будущем планирую его приобрести

  • Love those tail-mounted shots and nice grass field action. I learned on a grass field (Stengal Field) in Gainesville that is now a shopping center…lol. I was surprised that the VTs (vortex generators) lowered the stall speed that much.

    • Steve Thompson thanks for the comment but, no, my charity did not pay for my plane. 100% of our funds go to supplies and logistics.

  • This guy works for the charity but doesn't know the correct name? It's "Raquel's Wings for Life"

  • I flew a straight 310R in Africa almost always overloaded and almost always in and out of gashed out patches better suited for 182's or helicopters. True, if I had ever lost an engine I'd have lost the plane in many instances, but they never failed me. It had the same wing as your 340 without the Robertson. My thought is the kit is totally not needed and just adds dead weight. The split flaps on that plane are more than enough to come straight down. Your pressurization adds a lot of weight too, plus it's a bigger fuselage so the comparison is really only with the wing. Beautiful plane, but I just wanted to say, a normal 310R can get in and out of anything resembling an airstrip as well as any bush plane. Many non-310 flyers might not know that. Also flew the C-335 and C-402C's regularly over there when in less demanding environments. The 335 is rather rare. Same as your 340 without the pressurization. I miss those days.

  • Great video with Doug so thank you – wow! what beautiful modifications carried out on the 340. Really appreciate the live compass superimposed on VLOG and would really love the know how that's done in Premier. Please help?

  • The thing I love the most about the Cessna 340 is the answer to the question: "So, what aircraft are you owning?"

    … "a 340"

  • Now you listen to me Douglas!!!…My Mom is 82, Suffered Breast cancer, a radical mastectomy which destroyed her lymph node system causing left leg lymphedema (150lb leg.) and last year Colon cancer. She is alive and on full time hospice. My brother who takes care of her is 58, two years ago he had throat and thyroid cancer, and now stomach cancer. From All of us to you, Thank You for all you do for those people that suffer. May God continue to Bless you! Amen!

  • I'm curious how he's able to use the G500 as an IFR craft when the G500 is only certified for <6,000 lbs MGW. He has the VGs and the Ram 6 upgrades which give him a MGW of 6,300. Can someone please advise? Looking to do a panel upgrade in my C340 and would love to go down this road if possible.

    • Hi Will! Thats a great question. When we reached out to Garmin, we found that the FAA determined that the original type certificate weight is used to determine eligibility. So, this being said, the original gross weight of 5,990# is what determines which system to use. That being said, if I were to to this again I would go with the G600, since the cost difference is nominal after you add in the options. Of course the G500/600 is pretty much old news now with the new G3x equipment ( that is what I have installed in the new STOL plane…. stay tuned!)

    • You always land into the wind. On this day the wind was from the north. Most of the time it’s from the south

  • Always loved the 340. Such a beautiful aircraft and this one has anything I’ve seen beat ! My uncle had a 421 Golden Eagle, that was an amazing airplane, but I just think the 340 has better lines. Big thanks to Doug for the ride and to Bobby for another great video ! Safe skies ! 🇺🇸

    • MasterCarguy44 it’s a green Jeep, and you’re off by a sizable factor, but thanks for the comment! Lol

  • I like the comment "as long as both engines are running it's a great short field plane". Very nice guy and a great pilot.

    • @Doug Jackson Good. I'm sure all the modifications are 100% legal. However, knowing law enforcement as I do, they look at what can be done because of those modifications, no matter how legal those modifications are…..

  • Such a nice aircraft. I would love a pressurized twin, but so many costly things that can go bad vs an unpressurized aircraft on similar engines.

  • Beyond awesome! I was flying out of Meacham back in the 70s and 80s and Parker County and Possum Kingdom so know the area well!

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