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This return flight to Kangaroo Island and Kingscote was my 2nd flight since passing my PPL flight test. Also had my first ever passenger on board. Beautiful day, a bit windy but nothing major.

Route: Parafield – Substation – Millbrook Reservoir – Strathalbyn – Penneshaw – Kingscote

1. Took off from 03R and climbed to 2400ft while heading for Substation (0:34).

2. At Substation turned right, maintaining 2400 and headed straight for Millbrook Reservoir in order to stay well clear of the 1500ft CTR step. Inbound aircrafts will have to be at 1500ft here, before their inbound call at Dam Wall, so it’s the safest place to cross the inbound lane (1:20).

3. At Millbrook Reservoir turned more right heading straight for Strahalbyn which meant flying over Mount Barker. You can see Mount Barker in the distance and that made an easy visual reference (2:30).

4. Because of the 2500ft step, I was flying just about 500ft AGL here, hence the S-curve at Mount Barker to avoid overflying densely populated areas (3:42).

5. Started climb to 4500ft halfway between Mount Barker and Strathalbyn (4:32).

6. Right turn overhead Strathalbyn, tracking straight for Penneshaw (YPSH) in order to minimise time over water (5:20).

7. Right turn overhead Penneshaw, tracking straight for Kingscote, starting descent (11:59).

8. Flying overhead Kingscote, deciding on runway 01. Wind was from 040. Descending to circuit height on the dead side and joining midfield crosswind for 01 (23:55)

9. Noticed the wind had turned to 090 just before landing, but it wasn’t strong so decided to do a crosswind landing instead of going around and landing on 06 (26:33)

10. Had called the airport staff earlier in the day, telling them I was coming and they were kind enough to let me park in the DASH8 spot so I taxied straight there. Very friendly people working at the aerodrome. Made us feel really welcome (28:05)

We had a quick lunch, before we headed back to Parafield, this time going coastal to Outer Harbour.

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