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This time around, I’m flying a 1976 Cessna 182P Skylane with the P. Ponk conversion for an estimated 270HP. This airplane (N1998M) is the most beastly airplane I’ve ever flown. I got my high performance endorsement and got checked out in the airplane in this one flight. I plan on taking this airplane up to the Grand Canyon this winter. This Sunday morning was a particularly windy one. The winds were at 15 knots or more when we left the pattern. When we came back in for a full stop, it was 17G24. These were easily the windiest conditions I had ever flown in. We encountered low level wind-shear that put us in a 20 degree bank just over the numbers. Unfortunately, the GoPro stopped recording about 80% through the flight. I’m sorry the audio quality is crap (as usual), but at least it’s something. Please remember these videos are strictly for ENTERTAINMENT! Please enjoy and give me some feedback as well. Happy Thanksgiving.

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