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It Flyover Penryn It was Just Coming From His Based At Popham Airfield Which Is Basically Just Between Basingstoke And Hampshire UK As This Aircraft Here That We Never Seen This Number Plate Before As This Was Yesterday Video That I Forgot To Download Yesterday As I Was Too Busy Yesterday Which As You Can See Here That This Aircraft Here That Is Travelling From Popham Airfield To Lands End Airport Which The Last Time We Saw The Cessna 182J Skylane Aircraft As The Engine On It Was Simliar Sound To Compare To The G-AZRZ Cessna Which To Me That Makes The Simliar Engine Sound To Compare To The One We Saw On The G-NRST Last time Back In 24th Of June 2020 From This Year Onwards But This Time We See The G-ATPT This Time As This Was Coming From Popham Airfield Based In Basingstoke And Hampshire As Well Which Just You See Here That Is Flying To About Just Between 6,000ft And 5,000ft Deck Which Is Not Bad Flypast At All Which Just You See Here That Is Coming From North And Towards West As Is Now Going Over For A Stay Over Night At Lands End Airport In Cornwall Which Then Hopefully It Will Be Travelling Back From Lands End Airport And Back Into His Based At Popham Airfield In Basingstoke And Hampshire Which Now Is Going Over To Lands End Airport In Cornwall

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