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Total logged time before this flight: 25.3 Hours

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Lately, I’ve hit a mental road block. There have been many cases where I’ve went to the field, preflighted the airplane, fueled up, then put the plane right back away because I just couldn’t bring myself to fly solo. There is this strange fear that has crept in.

So in this episode, I’ve planned a solo cross country from 4G7 to KAFJ via KCKB. I fly the first leg (including one of the very worst approaches I’ve ever flown – completely ignoring the pitch/power relationship), then the mental stuff kicks in.

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0:50 – Setting Radios
1:44 – KCKB ATIS
2:22 – Today’s Flight Plan
3:17 – Taxi to 4G7 Runway 23
5:45 – Pre-Takeoff Checklist
8:55 – Runway 23 Departure
12:01 – Leaving Fairmont Area CTAF Call
12:35 – Calling KCKB Tower
15:04 – High and Fast (and bad) Approach KCKB Runway 21
17:15 – Short Final
20:10 – Getting in my own head…
22:05 – Calling Ground & Taxiing
25:29 – Departing Runway 21
29:40 – Fairmont CTAF Call
31:37 – Abeam Touchdown Point
32:04 – Turning Base Runway 23
32:43 – Turning Final (LOW!)
33:34 – Short Final

Airplane: 1966 Cessna 172G
Airport: 4G7 (Fairmont, WV)

I am a student pilot, documenting my journey to private pilot. These videos are intended for entertainment, and should not be considered flight instruction. Editing removes important context. Please contact a local CFI to learn more about flight instruction.

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