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Student Pilot practices Short Field Landing, Soft Field take-off and landings, departure stalls also known as power-on stalls, and some cross-wind landings.

CNK4 Parry Sound Ontario, Near North Aviation. Cessna 172 C-GDXE


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    • yes, thats DXE, I've flown it out of Hamilton too, bust mostly was out of Parry Sound, now flying C-GYTM out of Parry Sound. thanks for the feed-back. Cheers!

    • @Warren Hardy Just wondering if you would happen to know what Near North rules were in terms of filming as I have a go pro and would love to mount it.

    • Flaps Down Aviation well when I was flying out of CNK4 they had no problem letting me use my GoPro. On the top of the tail there was already a mount. And there used to be one under the left wing stuck to an inspection panel. But last time I flew DXE that one has been removed. Not sure if Allan Frostt will approve though.

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