Home » Aircrafts » Cessna » Skyhawk » MSFS Canada Rockies – Calgary to Banff in Cessna Skyhawk – 50 MPH gusts

Note: A lot of parts of this video are sped up. Actual flight was 45 mins.

0:00 Setting up Avionics
0:40 Take off from Springbank Airport – Calgary, Alberta
1:21 Turning on Autopilot/FLC
2:08 Turning on NAV
2:51 Outside Scenery – flying towards Rockies
4:55 Arriving at Rockies
5:40 Beautiful Sunrise
6:21 Bad turbulence from Rockies
6:40 Autopilot not working so well (next chapter to skip)
8:40 Fixed autopilot
9:04 View of Rockies from window
9:40 View of Banff, Alberta
10:05 Turn around point (Banff)
10:47 More Rockies turbulence
11:18 Fast forwarding back to Springbank
11:45 Begin descent
12:05 Getting lined up for landing
12:40 Landing at Sprinkbank

I think autopilot got messed up due to a combination of a little too high altitude + turbulence and I had the game simulation running faster at that moment, which can affect autopilot violently. I fixed it by setting a lower elevation and cutting the engine back to idle and reenabling FLC.

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