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Total logged time before this flight: 28.2 Hours

It had been ten days since I had flown, and I wanted to get out and work on some landings. Checked the weather at the airport, and the winds were within my endorsed and comfortable maximums, and it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

It ended up being great gusty wind practice for me, and included a go around. And although my landings were slightly off centerline, I felt better about my flares and touchdowns than I have in a long time.

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0:00 – Departing 4G7 Runway 23
3:41 – Calling KCKB Tower
5:18 – Checklists
7:25 – Long Final
8:57 – Short FInal & Go Around
12:56 – Final Runway 21
18:13 – Fairmont CTAF Call Inbound
20:45 – Entering Downwind
22:30 – Base Runway 23
23:09 – Final Runway 23

Airplane: 1966 Cessna 172G
Airport: 4G7 (Fairmont, WV)

I am a student pilot, documenting my journey to private pilot. These videos are intended for entertainment, and should not be considered flight instruction. Editing removes important context. Please contact a local CFI to learn more about flight instruction.

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