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Total logged time before this flight: 28.9 Hours

After nearly THREE WEEKS without a flight (thanks, winter!), instructor Tyler returns to the channel for a flight maneuvers review over a cold, snowy West Virginia. Today we’ll work on slow flight, stalls, steep turns, turns around a point, simulated instrument, and an emergency descent.

Also stay tuned to the channel for some upcoming news, and some cool flights on the way, including a night time cross country, a LONG solo cross country, and a high performance airplane!

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0:00 – Departing 4G7 Runway 23
6:19 – Slow Flight
10:30 – Power Off Stalls
15:00 – Power On Stalls
20:00 – Steep Turns
25:03 – Emergency Descent
30:00 – Turns Around a Point
33:40 – Simulated Instrument
44:26 – Checklist
45:15 – Base Turn
46:15 – Final Runway 23

Airplane: 1966 Cessna 172G
Airport: 4G7 (Fairmont, WV)

I am a student pilot, documenting my journey to private pilot. These videos are intended for entertainment, and should not be considered flight instruction. Editing removes important context. Please contact a local CFI to learn more about flight instruction.


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  • Thanks for sharing! Glad to see you back in a plane – and Tyler is great as usual. I hope to take lessons soon too and I enjoy your videos.

  • Love the honesty and ability to admit mistakes and share them with us. I’ve made many errors during training like all students and appreciate you leaving them in your videos for us to learn from also.