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Cessna 172 * Full Flight * ATC Audio * Cockpit Views

Welcome back to the cockpit of the Cessna 172 as we fly a short flight from Boca Raton airport to Lantana. This is the complete flight in the Cessna Skyhawk with some great views. Hoping that this might inspire you to go fly.

Hope you enjoy the flight that includes ATC audio.

Thank you so much for watching!

The link to part 1 of this flight:

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The link to the playlist of this series:

Another informational series that I did was on radio communications:

Twice a week I am uploading flight specific content like this one:

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All videos on my channel are for entertainment and informational purposes only. I am not intending to flight instruct via this medium. Make sure you contact your local CFI or flight school for flight instruction.

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  • Thank you so much for over 5000 Subscribers!! I really appreciate you supporting the channel. More awesome content coming soon and I will keep you updated on when my website will be live! Hope you enjoyed the fly along, and maybe it even inspired you to go fly. Don’t take our chatter too serious, we are joking pretty much all of the time. Flying with good friends is a blast!

  • Great vid ,love the Co-pilot, great calls , also u need to listen to him, make a right to Bahamas, or go lower and chase the sharks 🙂  looking forward to upcoming helo videos

  • Here in Brazil I flew in a Cessna Skylane as a passenger, It was a panoramic flyght at Jundiaí área, a small city near São Paulo, I like Cessna aircrafts, they are reliable and easy tô fly.

    Thank you for upload, Very Beautiful view.

    • Thanks for watching. I know that you are aware of other aviation creators that may have better sound on their videos for you to watch. Nevertheless, I approach you spending time on crap sound

  • What are all those knobs at the top? I fly a 172 but it doesn't have all those knobs. I see your throttle but the other knobs look different.

  • It should not spray the oil on the camera so badly. Something is wrong with this Cessna. I've seen videos of other pilots who put cameras in the same spot of their Cessnas and no oil spray present. You should do some maintenance job with this Cessna before next take off. Because it could be dangerous.

    Also, I want to ask:

    There is the plack on the right of the dashboard.

    Did anyone use this advise while en route?

    • Thanks for watching and taking the time to write such a detailed comment. I can assure you that there is nothing wrong with this Cessna other than it more than likely being a lot older than the Cessna’s of the other videos you’ve watched.
      It would be great if you give us specific examples of make and model and how much oil they use on a cross country so we have some data to compare. Thank you!

      As far as the plaque on the right side of the dash board, I can also assure you that none of us smoke. We really enjoy our lives and have a lot of fun flying! 😎

    • @Nancy Bradshaw CFI & Commercial Pilot Oh my. As I mentioned in the previous post: "I've seen videos of other pilots who…"

      I can't say what the technical data is of their Cessnas. But there is no oil spray in their videos for sure.

      If you really need some technical data of YouTubers/pilots you should ask them. Look for:



      Flying Doodles now an then makes interviews with owners of different aircraft (including Cessnas)

      and so on. I can't even name all of them that I watched.

      I saw only one (!) aircraft owner who told that if there is no oil leakage, then there is something wrong with aircraft. It is warbird Nan Chang aircraft owner. The aircraft made in China and looks similar to Yak. Let me look for the link of Nan Chang. Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hto9N1lfOXA&list=PLscp9c0D3K9MllWNwpKwTJu7OmOt4Wwbh&index=17&t=0s

  • Thank you Nancy! Just connected to your Instagram a few days ago. I really enjoy your videos – so informative.

  • Nice video 👍 the split screen with exterior view is a good idea! … just wondering why you are sitting in the left seat? Most CFIs I know are more comfortable in the right seat 🙂

    • Thanks for watching! Indeed I am more comfortable on the right, which means I need to practice my landings from the left any time I get the chance!

  • Great to see you have so many subscribers Nancy that you have truly been blessed with the Gift of flying skills that Our God has given us to share with others and especially our Loving Family and Friend and members. I'm still studying online with Sheppard Air to take my IRA practice test soon and hopefully I'll be with my CFII in two weeks to get signed off to take the Real IRA Exam and thank you for sharing ways to take the time out for Working and Family and Studying. Looking forward for the next one . The best part about being yourself is being yourself

  • Nancy you would be a Terrific Ground School IFR instructor to have a video on YouTube about preparing for your Instrument exam

  • What is your biggest job…CFI GA ? You like Heli's you will love Pilot Yellow on youtube.. bc helicopter school flying with students in BC Canada flying into our beautiful mountains!😆😆😆

    • I do love Oilot Yellow's channel, subscribed a long time ago. No, I'm not a full time CFI. I fly for mosquito control in a Huey and a cessna 337

  • Hi Nancy! Just come across your channel, very entertaining and informative, and I’m very
    Envious of the fabulous weather! Cold and wet here in Manchester England ☹️

    • Thank you so much for watching and the kind words! Ugh, I know how you feel. I'm originally from the Netherlands so living in FL feels like vaca everyday!

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