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Enjoy a unique, perhaps never before seen view of the Falcon Heavy Launch on Aprill 11th, 2019. We timed everything up so we could be in the 172 and near the target at the time.

The Falcon Heavy Block 5 will be the first commercial Space X rocket, carrying a satellite for ArabSat 6a.

The launch was crazy to see from the air, with a birds eye view of Cape Canaveral. But as we know, that’s not the only part of a SpaceX launch. There is still the equally as cool landing.

All 3 Merlin boosters landed, 2 on Cape Canaveral and 1 on the ocean barge. What an amazing sight to see!

As a pilot, we had to be really careful about this situation. You can’t just fly over the launch site. We had to stay well away out of the TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction). But, we did everything legally and it was very worth it!

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