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We sold our Cessna 172 and are considering the options fo the next plane we will get. We discuss the pros and cons of each and what we are looking for in a new plane.


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  • If Mooney is on your list I highly suggest looking at the Cessna 177 it has a 4 cylinder engine like the C172 which really helps fuel flow and a the cabin is much nicer then a 172. I am not a 100% percent on the performance number but even the non rg model should get about 125knots. Plus they are a lot cheaper then most of the planes on your list. Also you should be able to find one with icing equipment pretty easily.

    • I like the 177, but the cabin is too small for us. I completely agree it is like a little mooney. Clean, simple, good speed, and you can get it turbo normalized and cruise at 160+ knots! -Dan

    • There is something very soothing knowing how old and reliable and simple they are. We are leaning that way pretty hard. -Dan

    • I have seen the PC-12 in person a number of time. Every time I see it I am struck by how large and powerful a stance it has. -Dan

    • I know it very well. But you are right. Going from $350K to $850K for the exact same cruise speed and a higher fuel burn are not fun. It does beat it in one area though, climb speed! -Dan

  • Take a look at the Piper Malibu. Pressurized, 200 kts cruise, 6 seats and long range. search Malibu flyer on YouTube, his channel will show you what it can do and how much room his family has inside

    • I know several people with Malibus and I have heard from them and read a lot on that particular plane they have a LOT of engine problems. One friend bought a brand new one and had 2 engine replacements in the first 3 years. Not overhauls, replacements. They are pretty and meet the criteria I mentioned, but safety and reliability are number 1 for me and my family onboard. -Dan

  • Ever Consider a taildragger like a 180 or a 185? Pretty fast compared to a 172. Nice accessibility to remote places with bigger tires

    • No. I have to have FIKI. Also, I want a 1,200nm range above 175 knots. Also, I won't fly into remote place with this type of plane. That is what my Sonex is for. -Dan

  • The King Air in the background is a bit of a troll move.

    The Bonanza is probably the best pick. Pressurization is going to add quite a bit of cost to your maintenance when you might not need it as often as you think.

    • They are fine. They haul a lot, but they are not as quick as they others. Also, the range is not capable of getting us to our destination without a fuel stop. Great aircraft for other missions, jut not what we are looking for. -Dan

  • Love to hear the continued story! I'm keenly interested in getting something myself, but as you noticed with the 172 I'm more interested in something USEFUL as well as fun. So I'm curious how the numbers end up running. I've been looking at the Socata TB 21, not sure if it's worth considering for you.

    • The Socata TB 21 is pretty nice and pretty quick, but I need icing capabilities and a little more space for "hauling" the baby and dog and all the bits that go with it. Let me know what you end up getting! -Dan

  • P210 or Piper Malibu/Mirage. $$$$$. If you are hauling family for long distances and at night, I would seriously consider a turbine like an early Propjet or TBM 700 if you can afford it, but experience wise that may be a reach. Otherwise, I would look at Cessna 310 or Piper Twin Comanche but not sure about the de ice. Day flying with no deice maybe also consider RV10

    • Hi! I have a little over 600 hours. I have my private, instrument, commercial, tail wheel, and high performance. -Dan

  • I thought the pick was a no brainier, answer on the next aircraft was right behind you lol. @That Pilot Guy , Agreed that was a troll move, but that's ok still enjoy the that background. Great video Dion Markgraf AKA:Dionsol Flight Simulation (X-Plane 11 pilot) & Aviation Enthusiast YouTube: Dionm01

  • The A-36 is a joke! With full fuel, you can’t carry anything! With a full load of people, you have only a very short range of fuel! It’s large, 6 place cabin has been the end for many pilots, if it fits, it ships, does not work on a Bonanza. The A-36 should only have 4 seats! Now the 210 is another story! It’s a hoss!

  • I assume your wife knows the icing systems are to allow you to get out of a bad situation, not to just fly through any icing environment. If you haven't, due your due diligence on the Cessna cantilever wings. I have a feeling there may be more issues with the spars and attach fittings in the near future. Who knows, but I would only buy a low hour airframe, and have a well qualified Cessna tech look over the wing inside and out. They are great airplanes.

    • Completely agree. FIKI is only ever used as a way to escape icing. Like any car boat or plane I buy, I always talk to as many experts as possible as you don't want to buy something then find there is a $20K bill waiting for you. -Dan

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