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The Kodiak 100 series II is the latest model of the The Kodiak 100 turboprop aircraft from Quest Aircraft. Kodiak was built on the the basis of useful load. If you need a large aircraft that can go 200 miles per hour while hauling over three tons of load, then look no further.

Although the Kodiak uses a pratt whitney turboprop engine, it’s not built to go fast. Well that still depends on who you ask because 200 miles per hour is plenty of speed for me. That said, the Kodiak 100 was built to fly in off field environments. The aircraft is a true STOL airplane as it will take off and and land within 1000 ft of runway, this is with gross weight by the way.

Here are some performance data of the Kodiak 100
Range – up to 1132 nm
Cruise – 180 its
fuel burn – 45 gph
Climb rate – 1300 fpm
useful load – 3535 lbs
Price – $2.1 million



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