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Cessna Denali is the newest entry into the Turboprop arena. Cessna new single engine turboprop is set for it’s first flight in 2019 and this aircraft is expected to compete with the likes of Pilatus PC-12 and TBM 930.

The new Denali will be equipped with a GE 1240 shp turbine engine which will power the airplane to cruise north of 300 miles per hour. Cessna Denali does offer similar comfort and cabin space as the Pilatus PC-12 and is certified to fly up to 31,000 ft. That said, The Pilatus is still ahead when it comes to range and versatility. Only time will tell.

Cessna Denali VS. Pilatus PC-12

Length 48 ft 9 in 47 ft 3 in
Height 15 ft 2 in 14 ft
Wingspan 54 ft 3 in 53 ft 4 in
Height 58 inches 58 inches
Width 63 inches 60 inches
Length 16 ft 9 in 16 ft 11 in
Full Fuel Payload 1,100 lbs 1,009 lbs
Max Cruise Speed 285 ktas 285 ktas
Max Range 1,600 nm 1,845 nm
Takeoff Distance 2,950 ft 2,600 ft
Max Operating Altitude 31,000 ft 30,000 ft

Engine GE Turboprop P&WC PT6A-67P
Horsepower 1,240 SHP 1,200 SHP
PRICE $4.8 million $4.6 million


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