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Happy New Year Everyone.. Got lots of excited News to share with you my Passengers. Stay Tuned….

Flight from Arusha to Kogatende in the Cessna Caravan, First Officer Rahim Datoo with ME..

Regional Air Tanzania, Discover the best of Tanzania.



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  • I need your help Brian,am about to start the journey to get a PPL,will I be qualified to fly cesna caravan? What career opportunities are there for me?

    • Good news is you will be qualified to fly any plane as long as your are done with you commercial pilot licence, Instrument Rating first and a rating of your choice. With a PPL you will still fly but you won't be paid to fly.. that's the thing..all the best in your journey..

  • Hi brian am about to get my PPL will it be possible while am waiting to go get my CPL to gain more hours ?

  • Hey what about Zimbabwe man…. Don't forget us 😉 Happy to see your back and uploading new videos. Looking forward to seeing what 2019 will be like for you. Thanks for uploading in English as well, I guess its all about finding the balance between the 2 languages but I'm confident you'll do a great job. Also congratulations on the new addition to the family. Happy new year man!

    • Hello Elton, you all are my passengers for sure.. can't leave out any one of you guys out there.. thank you very much.. no worries.. more exciting videos coming up soon..

  • Hi Brian. I’m really glad I found your channel. Great videos and great content. I’m in the US right now but planning to retire in your neck of the woods (Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania). I have a Cessna 172 that I would like to bring along. I use Foreflight here (exclusively vfr). I know that you use Garmin but would like to know your assessment of the app locally. Also, what are the availability of A&p for a guy that flies his own plane (not for business). Thanks for your videos!!

    • Hi @bahizpi, thank you for subscribing and you are welcomed to Tanzania. I have used Foreflight in the US too but its not that effecient here, garmin would be the best way to go. As for the other question, its not a problem, people own their own planes too here, you will go through a process of registration and alike but after that you will be sorted. The TCAA(Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority) will help and guide you through that. http://www.tcaa.go.tzAgain, thank you and see you in the skies some day.

  • Hey Brian! Just discovered your channel and already loving it buddy. It's great to see you flying with my childhood buddy Rahim! Keep up the great work guys 👍. Happy and safe flying 😁👌

    • @Adventures with Brian thanks alot imagine niko saudi arabia working as a househelp and u cant imagine I took my time just to watch u having an interview with mr bundala coz hua nafollow sana sns .was just wordering kivipi ehiiopia airlines iliweza kushika moto kwa nyuma wakati ndege ndio ilikua imepaa juu kidogo bt jibu niliget kwako I like abt aviation sana good job mr captain and thanks alot kuzuzidi kutupa mafunzo bora once again thanks alot.

  • Thx capt Brian for being an inspiration. This is West African shout out from Europe. Keep the good work up (y)And I want to say I don't understand Swahili but in no case should you stop speaking it from up there. (y)

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