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The Bombardier Global Express XRS entered service in early 2006. The unit price is estimated to be $45.5 million (US). Bombardier improved its already successful Global Express when it introduced the upgraded XRS in 2003. The Global Express XRS bears all of the qualities of its ultra long-range older sibling, but with greater range and a modified design. The Bombardier Global Express XRS is one of the most luxurious and elegant aircrafts on the market. Its spacious cabin interior comfortably accommodates up to 19 passengers and offers state of the art facilities to maximize the corporate jet experience. The luxurious interior is complimented by a dignified stateroom which includes its own adjoining amenities. The Global Express has the capability to reach 6,150 nautical miles, travels at 590 mph, and has interior dimensions of 48.35L x 6.92W x 6.25H (in feet). You can charter a Global Express XRS from JetOptions Private Jet Charter.
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