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What’s the best way to travel 244 Nautical Miles for the weekend with two kitchen passes in hand? The Beechcraft B58 Baron! LaRosa and The Mayor make a run to KDZB for the weekend in the 58 Baron!

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The Fat Tire Cowboys are a group of Texas Aviators that consist of 35 year veteran pilots to brand new and aspiring pilots. Their mission is to show the world that the aviation lifestyle is incredibly fun. From jetting around in The Mayor’s Cessna Citation to landing the Cessna Skywagons at the WBR Ranch , this channel is all about Texas, aviation, fun, entertainment and most importantly…people. These guys are the Kings of all things fun!!

For more information on the Fat Tire Cowboys go here: https://fattirecowboys.com/about-us/

For Fat Tire Cowboys merchandise and information go here. https://fattirecowboys.com

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