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July 25 2020 around 0605-0655z. SEVPL. Dynamic WT9.

Two landings included on Rwy 21 (flaps 3) and 28 (flaps 2) with around 50 kt before the threshold. There is no wind sock at Fridhem but a sort of T with a small propeller and a weather vane. The power lines are a bit scary and feels closer than they really are.

On the Rwy 21 final there´s no doubt the touchdown is on the main gear only. The WT9 has already a nose up attitude in the taxiing position and that makes it easy to make landings that look very close to three points from the outside.

The final on Rwy 10 at Fridhem (incase you want to land there) is somewhat easier with less obstacles and mechanical turbulence. This morning had no turbulence however.

Protune Hero 5 was:
ISO 1200
WB Auto
Sharp Medium
No stabilisation
Wind only
720 50 fps PAL

Music credited to PsychostronicSteve´s channel:

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
Ride a white swan (Probably the best T-rex cover)

L.A. Woman, The Doors

Adding music is difficult. I think the volume on Perchance to Dream got a bit high, but it sounded ok in the headphones, then different on the laptop speakers or smart-tv. Maybe it would have been nicer to let it fade as well on the base to Fridhem, leaving more space for the natural sound. Anyway, it was the 6-7th upload so I hade to call it a quits concerning the editing at some point.

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